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Window security screen

Window security screen


PE, Fiberglass, Polyester, PP, Stainless steel wire

Weight:115G/M2,120G/M2, 130 G/M2, 150 G/M2, 180 G/M2

Width:0.61m, 0.71m, 0.76m, 0.81m, 0.914m, 1.00m, 1.22m, 1.524m, 1.83m, 2.00m, 2.20m

Color:Black, gray, gray/white, green, blue, red

Weave:20 Tons per MonthPlain weave, inter twister

Size:18X16mesh, 18X14mesh, 16X16mesh, 18X18mesh, 20X20mesh, 20X18mesh, 16X14mesh, 14X14mesh




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PE window screen light weight, beautiful design, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good ventilation, easy cleaning, low price, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, etc.

Plain weave technology, no slip, no loose edge, mesh mesh mesh structure is firm, weaving technology excellence

1. Preventing strong force while closing window, consuming 1.5~1.6 times material of window size. Save cost.

2. Eco-friendly, Straight latitude and longitude yarn sealed with high technology heater, nocoating with any harmful chemicals or resins,long-life service.

3.Thickened material, durable, in light weight, cost-effective. The window screen mesh is 17 X 15 (apertures per square inch), good for blocking out mosquitoes, bugs, insects without blocking fresh air-flow.

Name mesh Roll Size color Technicality Notes
PE Window Screen 12X12 0.6MX30M White,Green,Blue,Black,Yellow,Red inter twister weaving:
12 mesh, 14mesh,16 mesh
14x14 0.8MX30M
16X16 0.9MX30M
14X16 1.0MX30M
16x18 1.2MX30M Plain weave:
16mesh, 18mesh,22 mesh, 24mesh
18X18 1.5MX30M
22X22 1.8MX30M
24X24 2.0MX30M


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