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Aquaculture net

Material Plastic, Nylon, PP, HDPE, Polyester
Knot type Knotted /Knotless
Weaving Twisted/Raschel/braided
Twine type Multifilament
Mesh shape diamond, square or hexagonal mesh
Mesh size 10mm-1000mm
Net cage type Square or circular
Color black, white, blue, orange, green or according to your request.
Treatment  UV, Resin, Coating, Painting
Length 10 m – 2000 m
Depth 10 md – 1000 md
Thickness 0.32 mm – 5 mm
Application Trout, Salmon, Almon, Sturgeon, Tilapia, Catfish, Grouper, Cod, Sea bream, Etc.
Handrail Pipe and Upright Dia(mm)
Handrail Pipe Dia:90、110、125 Handrail Upright Dia:110、125


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Product List

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