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Insect proof net

Insect proof net


100% Virgin High Density Polyethylene

Mesh:20mesh —50mesh,customized.

Grammage:40-60 g/m2,customized.

Width:commonly used 1-3 meters, the highest custom 10 meters

Color:white, black, silver grey, customized

Supply ability:20 Tons per Month

Use:  Mainly used for Chinese cabbage, leek, cucumber, eggplant, tomato and other vegetables, to prevent aphids, whitefly and other pests on vegetables.




(*If you need to customize, please contact us and we will reply to you within 24-48 hours*)




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Insect net is a single line of high-density polyethylene material, anti-aging, anti-uv, tensile, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic tasteless, life as long as 3-5 years, can be used repeatedly, light transmission, mild shading, ventilation and other functions, is the most economic agricultural insurance products and environmental protection products.

The control effect of 30 mesh insect control net was 90.85% ~ 96.33%, 87.13 ~ 91.41%, 91.67% ~ 100%, and 100%, respectively.In hot summer, it is recommended to use 20-30 mesh black or silver gray insect proof net, and 25-40 mesh white insect proof net is recommended in autumn and winter.

1.Reduce the spread of pests and viruses, increase the yield of agricultural products, increase industrial efficiency.

2.Reduce the use of pesticides to ensure the green and environmental protection of agricultural products.

3.Compared with plastic greenhouse, insect net greenhouse more easily ventilated, by light, heat dissipation, and has the effect of moisture insulation.

4.To a certain extent, it can resist natural disasters, such as strong storms, storms and sand storms, and prevent the destruction of agricultural products and the production reduction.

Material Mesh Standard mesh Wire diameter (mm) Weight (g/m2) Color Roll size


  100% New HDPE

20 20×17 0.15 30 White
Or as your request to customized for you
Roll width:1m~4m standard,special width as your request to custom-made,roll length100m~ 200m
20×17 0.21 60
30 30×20 0.15 40
30×20 0.21 80
40 40×25 0.15 50
40×25 0.21 110
50 50×25 0.15 60
50×25 0.19 100


20mesh 30mesh 40mesh 50mesh


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insect mesh net
insect net
insect net
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insect mesh net


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