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Anti hail net

Anti hail net

High Density Polyethylene Filament(100%HDPE)


Width:Most wide is 6m

Length:50m,100m or as you need

Color:Black,White,Green,Blue or as you need

Using life:More than 5 years

use:Anti hail nets are mainly used to prevent hail, rain and snow, birds, wind, sun, frost and other natural disasters.



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Anti hail net is a kind of polyethylene added anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and other chemical AIDS as the main raw material, made by drawing the mesh fabric, with tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and odorless, waste easy to deal with and other advantages.
Hail proof nets mainly prevent and control hail, and has appropriate anti - bird, anti - butterfly, anti - insect, anti - rain and snow characteristics.Application: widely used in orchards and high value crops.Such as grapes, fruits, tobacco, vegetables, dates and so on.
The characteristics of hail proof mesh: the thicker the mesh, the greater the impact on the light intensity, with the maximum impact rate of 15.40%. The smaller the mesh size and the darker the mesh color, the greater the impact on the light intensity.In the production, the thickness of wire is 0.5mm, mesh size is 1.0cm*1.0cm,1.2cm*1.2cm,1.5cm*1.5cm white polyethylene mesh can be selected.
(1) high strength, little difference in vertical and horizontal strength;
(2) acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic, no radiation, harmless to human physiology;
(3) excellent air permeability;
(4) master batch dyeing, never fade.
(5) heat preservation, moisture, anti-freeze, anti-frost, anti-insect, anti-grass
(6) reduce uv exposure
(7) improve production efficiency and plant quality

MaterialStandard MeshHole Size(mm)Wire Dia(mm)Weight (g/m2)Width(m)Length(m)uvColor
100% New HDPE 4×8 7×4 0.25 40 2-4m 100/200 3% various
4×9 7×3 0.25 45
4×10 7×2.8 0.25 50
4×11 7×2.2 0.25 55
5×11 5.1×2.2 0.25 65
8×11 3.5×2.2 0.25 70
3×8 8.5×2.9 0.35 65

Anti hail net
Anti hail net


Anti hail net
insect mesh netting
Anti hail net
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