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Garden insect Netting

GEZI greenhouse insect nets’ Advantage:

1) The agricultural insect-proof net prevents insects from flying into the greenhouse and covers the plants to reproduce the insects (adults) during the growth of the plants.

2) The agricultural insect-proof net effectively controls the spread of various harmful organisms and prevents the harm of the spread of viruses.

3) The use of chemical pesticides is greatly reduced, and the vegetables grown are of good quality and health.

4) From planting to harvest, vegetables or fruits can be covered all year round.

5) It can protect them from various pests and birds.

6) The insect-proof net is made of monofilament and made of special anti-ultraviolet materials, which improves the durability and lifespan of the insect-proof net.

7) The anti-insect net has strong wrinkled edges, good flexibility and light weight.


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